To schedule an inspection, you may send an email to one of our inspection emails.

If you have questions or concerns about an inspection, please call the office.

Please include the following information when requesting an inspection:

  • Permit number
  • Project Address
  • Inspection type: Please make sure to provide any additional information to clarify what you want to have inspected.
  • Contact name and number


Inspections requested before 4 pm. Monday through Friday are inspected the following business day. Inspection requests submitted after 4 pm. Monday through Friday are inspected the day after tomorrow.

Gas Inspections

In order to obtain a gas inspection, a gas permit will need to be issued first. Once a permit number has been issued to you, please call the building department office at 432-685-7390. If the home is occupied, please let the permit tech know. This will ensure we get an inspector out as soon as possible.  

Reinspection Fee

A fee assessed by the inspector due to an inspection or reinspection scheduled and/or corrections not made or work not completed. To obtain a reinspection, a contractor shall call the building department office or appear in person at the city hall and pay a reinspection fee of $50.