Code Enforcement

What We Do

The mission of Code Compliance is to be proactive and responsive to the needs of the citizens of Midland while obtaining compliance with the city's codes and ordinances. These Ordinances are intended to improve the quality of life by ensuring a cleaner, safer and more attractive community. Compliance with these ordinances also can help reduce vandalism, deter crime and maintain property values.

Code Compliance has three primary areas of responsibility:

  • Receive citizen calls, letters and in-person reports of code violations throughout the city
  • Proactively patrol the city's streets and alleys to ensure that the City's codes and ordinances are followed regarding health, safety and aesthetics
  • Investigate violation complaints and work with private property owners to gain compliance when violation are found or reported

Common Code Violations

  • Front Yard Parking: The City of Midland prohibits parking a motor vehicle in the front or side yard of a residence except in a driveway or paved parking space.
  • High Grass and Weeds: City code requires property owners to keep grass and weeds in their yards and vacant lots under 18 inches.
  • Illegal Dumping: Illegal Dumping is discarding of any waste, whether it's furniture, appliances, grass cuttings, trash, litter, etc. upon any public right-of-way, public or private property.
  • Junk Vehicles: All vehicles visible from a public right-of-way must be currently registered and inspected, not be wrecked or have flat tires.
  • Deteriorated Structures: A deteriorated structure is any building that does not meet the standards or specifications established in the building, plumbing, electrical and mechanical codes and endanger the life, health and safety of the public.

Report a Code Violation

Report a code violation by calling 432-685-7410 or completing our online form. You will be asked to include the address of the violation, what the violations is, and provide a contact number.

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