Housing Programs

First Time Homebuyer Program

Homebuyers Assistance

Low income, first time homebuyers can receive up to $15,000 financial assistance to help with the purchase of a decent, safe and sanitary home located in the city. Other program eligibility requirements include homeownership training, ability to qualify for a primary mortgage, minimum $1,000 investment by the buyer and being a U.S. citizen Midland resident. The home can be a pre-owned or a new construction unit. Persons wishing to learn more about the homebuyer assistance program should call the Community Development Office at 432-685-7472.

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Minor Repair Program

The City offers financial assistance to low-income homeowners for major plumbing, electrical, heating/AC, and roofing repairs. To qualify, one must be a homeowner of two or more years and live in a CDBG income eligible area of the city. The program is available in CDBG income eligible areas. Based on a sliding scale, a household must pay in advance a portion of the cost ranging from a minimum $50 to 95% of the total repair cost. The City will help with procuring a contractor and will pay the contractor for the balance of the repair work. Cosmetic repairs, painting or surface finishing are not eligible. Homes unsuited for rehabilitation will not be eligible for assistance. Contact the Community Development Office at 432-685-7472 to learn more.

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Housing Reconstruction Program

The City makes available affordable loans for complete home replacement projects. Currently, funds are only available for emergency situations where a home is unsuitable for rehabilitation and for living as verified by city building, health and/or safety officials.

To qualify, one must be a homeowner of two or more years, be an outright owner of the property, be low income, be credit worthy and live in a CDBG income eligible area of the city. The assistance will be a combination amortized loan (AL) which requires monthly payments at a low interest rate and a deferred payment loan portion which is a forgivable, no monthly payment loan. The higher an applicant's income, the more the AL portion of the loan will be for the applicant. Existing mortgage balance will hinder or end loan consideration. A lien will be filed for the amount of the combined loan with the City. The City will assist the applicant with the reconstruction process including contractor selection

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Homeless Programs

Midland has a variety of services available to homeless individuals. The best way to access these services is to call the Information and Referral Helpline at 2-1-1. The Midland Coalition for the Homeless is a group of citizens that represent agencies in Midland who work for the benefit of the area's homeless population. To get information on this group call the City's Community Development office.