Planning Information & Forms

This page provides a series of Planning and Information forms for submitting and processing zoning and annexation applications and permits. They are provided here for your convenience, but you may need to talk to a planner, or account clerk to advise you on the permits your project may require.

Proposals may involve multiple permit approvals depending on the complexity of the land use issues and location of the proposed project.

  1. 2023 Meeting Dates Submittal Deadline Schedule
  2. Airport Zoning Waiver - Non-Residential Permit Application (PDF)
  3. Annexation-Zone Change Application (PDF)
  4. Credit Card Authorization-Fillable Form (PDF)
  5. Current Zoning Code Ordinance (PDF)
  6. Dedicate ROW Application (PDF)
  7. Design Manual for the Installation of Network Nodes and Node Support Poles
  8. Fee Schedule 2019 PDF
  9. Final Plat Application-fillable form
  10. List of Engineering and Surveying Companies (PDF)
  11. Master Sign Plan Application (PDF)
  12. Nonconformities (PDF)
  13. Nonresidential Zoning District Dimensional Regulations Chart -5.05 (PDF)
  14. Off-Street Parking and Loading Requirements - 6.02 (PDF)
  15. Parking Space Schedule - Table 6 (PDF)
  16. Plats and Subdivisions (PDF)
  17. Pre-Development Meeting Contacts (PDF)
  18. Preliminary Plat Application-Fillable Form (PDF)
  19. Residential Accessory Building Requirements - Table 5 (PDF)
  20. Residential Zoning District Dimensional Regulations Chart - 5.04 (PDF)
  21. Revised Outdoor Sign Regulations (PDF)
  22. Site Plan (PDF)
  23. Site Plan Review Standards (PDF)
  24. Sketch Plat Application (PDF)
  25. Special Event Application (PDF)
  26. Special Exception Application (PDF)
  27. SUD Alcohol Application (PDF)
  28. Temporary Uses of Land (TLU) (PDF)
  29. Zone Change Application
  30. 2021 City Council Meeting Dates (PDF)
  31. 2021 Meeting Dates Submittal Deadline Schedule (PDF)
  32. 2021 P and Z Commission Meetings (PDF)
  33. 2022 Council Meeting Dates
  34. 2022 Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting Dates
  35. SUD General Application (PDF)
  36. SUD Renewal Application (PDF)
  37. 2023 P&Z Commission Meeting Dates
  38. 2023 City Council Meeting Dates